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Moral Relativity

A major debate in morality is the validity of moral relativism compared to a morality based on moral absolutes. Perhaps this distinction is misplaced.


People who believe in moral absolutes claim that a morality based on moral relativism is fatally flawed because it accepts any action to be moral without judgment. Using the metaphor of relativity taken from classical physics, it can be demonstrated that a consistent morality can be constructed that applies moral absolutes in a relative framework, making it possible to maintain cultural distinctions while still judging certain actions to be right and others wrong. For example, the Golden Rule - central to the morality of religions such as Christianity - is an absolute rule, but to be effective it must be applied in a relative manner. - Antony Van der Mude


The About page contains a short talk that summaries the basic ideas behind Moral Relativity. The ideas are fleshed out in the ten chapter book "Moral Relativity", which can be copied from the Download page.